Mothers Day gift idea!!

I am so excited about a new product I am now offering!!

I will give you a few hints:
~They are usually black and white
~They are classic and beautiful
~Four of these can be seen two posts down from this one…the third picture!

When I got these done for my kids, I almost got a little teary eyed…I was so happy!

You guessed it! SILHOUETTES!

I will be offering Silhouette sessions as an add on to any other session for $149 per person. This includes a short 5-10 minute session in the studio, along with your choice of a framed 8×10 or 5×7 silhouette print, or 30 silhouette notecards. The ones you see on the blog post below are framed 5x7s.

I will also offer silhouettes as a standalone session if there is a minimum of three persons getting them done at once!

As a fun way to introduce silhouettes to you, I am having a silhouette marathon on Tuesday April 13 and Wednesday April 14 between 4pm and 8pm each night! The silhouettes I will create afterward will be framed or printed as notecards in time for Mother’s Day gifting!

During this marathon Silhouette Session on April 13 and 14 only, I am pleased to offer you 50% off of the regular price of $149 per person! This still includes the short 5-10 minute session, a framed 8×10 or 5×7, or a set of 30 notecards.

Call or email me if you have any questions or if you are ready to schedule a session.

Here are some great things about my silhouette sessions:
~no need to think about what to wear…just a t shirt is fine!
~session time is SHORT….short enough for Dad to take the kids over while Mom is grocery shopping!
~silhouettes are perfect for children who can sit up on their own and older!
~silhouettes are perfect for couples, no matter the age!
~silhouettes are unique, classic and beautiful.
~they are 50% off ($75 per person) on April 13 and 14!


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